Patient Testimonials


Finding Dr. Hebert was like finding a gem! My boys and I love her service and friendliness! The waiting room makes you feel at home with a tv, snack bar and comfortable couches. The environment as well as Dr. Hebert makes you feel at ease! Exquisite and friendly service is what Dr. Hebert is all about! It’s the only place to go for dental work!


First of all, I was very impressed with the layout of the office. I felt very relaxed being there. It really does seem they go out of their way to make their patients feel welcome. My husband was even happy waiting while I had my appointment.¬†There’s a TV and little snack bar in the waiting room! Dr. Hebert was very attentive, and explained everything. I did not feel rushed, and thought she was really listening to me. I’ve been looking around for good dentists/prosthodontist for a little while, and I am very pleased with her.


Fantastic facility and knowledgeable staff. I would definitely recommend!


She’s one of the few Elite in her craft. She can fix what others break and can’t fix. Her work is impeccable and she’s super nice. She’s the only place to go, in my opinion.


This was an awesome experience for me. I had total oral reconstruction and was scared to death. I had considered Clear Choice, but after consultation with Dr. Hebert and an oral surgeon, chose a longer treatment plan that ended with excellent results. For Dr. Hebert, no detail was too small for her complete attention. Now, I have a full set of teeth that function perfectly. I am so glad I chose this route and was lucky enough to find Dr. Hebert. Go see her for any dental work you are contemplating. She is, hands down, the very best! 100% confidence.