Diet Considerations For Oral Health

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Parents know how important it is to provide themselves and their children with a nutritional diet for the good of their overall general health. If you have a family member who is particularly vulnerable to oral disease, however, you will want to concentrate those efforts towards the prevention of cavities or gum disease.

Plaque is enemy number one when it comes to the health of our teeth. It is the film of bacteria that forms over the teeth and deteriorates the strength of our tooth enamel. Without the protective qualities of the enamel, our teeth will become even more prone to infectious bacteria. The more sugar we put into our mouths the higher the risk of a plaque attack.

When your teeth are exposed to a sugary substance for any length of time it increases your risk for tooth decay. That puts candies like taffy or all day suckers at the top of a list of foods to avoid along with highly sugary sodas or juice drinks, even diet soda is highly acidic.

Tooth enamel is strong but it isn’t invincible. Biting down on a hard object like an ice cube or trying to open a package with your teeth can cause breakage or chips in your tooth enamel which will require professional restoration.

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