Stay On Schedule

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Dental professionals recommend that most patients have a thorough checkup along with an in-office teeth cleaning at six-month intervals in order to maintain good oral health. If the patient is at high risk for oral disease or if he or she has undergone treatment for an advanced stage of periodontitis the time between regular appointments will be less.

Regularly scheduled appointments give your dentist and hygienist the best chance of diagnosing a problem while it is still minor and can be treated by making changes in things like home care and diet. Dental x-rays can be taken to find a developing cavity or see that a tooth has become impacted below the gumline.

Bacterial plaque can build up in no time especially if your regimen for home care isn’t what it should be. Once plaque turns to tartar it can only be successfully removed by a dental hygienist. The point is to keep this from happening by brushing and flossing every day. A diet of healthy foods along with the vitamin D and calcium that contributes to the strength of your teeth and gums is important in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease.

It has been determined that a healthy mouth can be related to your overall well being, poor oral health can be linked to heart disease and diabetes. Schedule your next dental appointment today, call Solar Dental Specialities @ 720-739-1630 in Parker, CO.