Everybody Has A Favorite

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Being a family doesn’t mean that you all have to use the same toothpaste, not everyone likes the same brand or flavor. Fortunately, there are many types to choose from depending on personal preference and specific needs.

Whitening formulas, for instance, promise to brighten your teeth as it cleans them while others are made to decrease the sensitivity that may occur with age or when certain medications contribute to dry mouth syndrome. Sensitivity toothpaste may be beneficial to older adults.

Toothpaste used to come in either spearmint or peppermint but today’s flavors range all the way from mint to cherry to bubblegum, even chocolate. Kids will have fun experimenting but because of their vulnerability to tooth decay be sure they use a toothpaste that contains fluoride, no matter what the flavor.

So what about the teenagers in your life? This is a time when peer approval is most important and good impressions count for a lot. A whitening toothpaste can help to give your teen the healthy smile that he or she is going for. A fresh breath is just a bonus!

Toothpaste doesn’t have to be a one size fits all proposition. The main thing is that everyone in the family brushes twice a day but if they don’t like the taste of the product they are less likely to follow the regimen.

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